Pakistan Adoption Network UK Where families come together


At PAN UK we hope to serve in the following way,

1. Support British prospective adopters wishing to adopt from Pakistan

2. Support the children born in Pakistan and adopted into families resident in the UK

3. Support the creation of a network for children so they may gain peer support

4. To establish a UK based organisation that meets the needs of those mentioned above whilst creating connection with international groups involved in the process of adoptions from Pakistan

5. To create an information base about processes specific to Pakistan and providing information on Pakistan based legitimate organisations

6. Generate clarity on Islamic opinions regarding adoption and related issues 

7. To foster relations in the UK and abroad with organisations pertinent to the adoption process

8. Broaden the network to reach couples/single persons who may not have realised adoption might be a way forward for them

9. Help educate schools and communities about adoption and the special considerations that adoption  from Pakistan might bring

10. Broaden the PAN UK supporters and volunteers


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