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Who we are

Core Committee


Samina Ali

Samina is a qualified medical doctor working in the NHS and is a mother of two. Samina and Muhammad Omar embarked on their adoption journey in 2011 and then again in 2014.

Samina is passionate about PAN UK and wishes it to reach out to every corner of the British Isles. Her vision for PAN UK is to see improvements in all aspects of the adoption process making it easier for couples to start their families.


Vice Chairman

Sophia Abbas

Sophia is a Primary Headmistress and has adopted two children from Pakistan.

At the time Sophia and Tanvir were adopting, in 2002, there was little information about Pakistan adoptions. Working with the US based Pakistan Adoption Yahoo Group Sophia worked hard to improve processes for UK adopters. Sophia is also an active volunteer at IAC. Sophia is dedicated to continue to see streamlining of processes for more families by taking an active role in PAN UKs efforts.



Shahid Nasir

Shahid works in the Financial Services sector helping companies to deliver business and IT change. He has a daughter and a younger son. Shahid and Huma decided to adopt in 2010 and travelled to Pakistan in 2011. With little support and conflicting information on completing the process, Shahid realised that the process is daunting for those wanting to adopt from Pakistan. Through PAN UK Shahid's hopes to reduce the complexities of the process and aim to create a seamless pathway from beginning to end.



Kashif Ahmed

Kashif is an accountant working in the Financial Services sector and is a father of two beautiful girls. Kashif and his wife Hanna, embarked on their adoption journey in 2014 and more recently in 2017, adopting both times from the Edhi Foundation.

Kashif is passionate about PAN UK and is determined to support other adopters as they start their journey.


Committee Members

Events Coordinator
Hanna Ahmed
Online Communications
Muhammad Omar Nasim
Membership Secretary
Huma Nasir


Support team

Lina Akbar

Lia Khan

Sadiya Mayer

Asif Mayer

Alison Whyman

Arif Zaman

Tanvir Sadiq



Iram Saeed, Amara Kanwal, Maryam Khan, Sidra Aslam, Saima Ahmed

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