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What is PAN UK?

About Us

We, Pakistan Adoption Network UK (PAN UK), are a parent support group created to help British families wishing to adopt from Pakistan, and we are all volunteers. We are a group of parents who have, ourselves, been on our own unique adoption journeys adopting from Pakistan. Our own experiences highlighted a need for reaching out to the wider community of potential adopters, their families and the communities that they live in to give support and experiential advice and encourage families to commit to adopting from Pakistan. 

Many local councils have outsourced their international adoption process to adoption agencies. This can make the process of adopting expensive, difficult and bewildering. In many instances, couples seeking to start a family can become confused and sometimes put off by the length and apparent complexity of the process. PAN UK can untangle some of that confusion and help sign post couples and single adopters and support them to fulfil their dreams of having their own children and becoming a family. A right no one should be robbed of.

Whilst we are not an adoption agency and therefore do not conduct matches or placements of children, our collective experience has proven invaluable to so many throughout the UK. Some of the families on our network have joined our PAN UK community seeking support after completing fertility treatments, or have wanted to become single adopters or for whom domestic adoption no longer was a something they wished to pursue. 

Our work does not stop there. The most important part of what we offer is the opportunity for our children to become friends, seek peers and share their own experiences in a safe supportive environment. Each child and each parent will be talking about their adoption stories at their own pace, but through the social network and events run by PAN UK, the children will secure that adoption is something many share.



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