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Adoptions in Pakistan


Adoptions occur for many reasons. Many children are placed for adoption as a result of the biological parents' decision that they are unable to adequately care for a child. In some countries, where single motherhood may be considered scandalous and unacceptable, some women in this situation make an adoption plan for their infants, whereas others may come under financial, societal or family pressure to choose adoption. In some cases the baby will be delivered to or near an orphanage. Attitudes to women and female infant result in more baby girls being relinquished. 

Number of babies 

There is not a clear record of how many babies are available for adoption. There is no process to account for unregistered births.  In Pakistan most babies who are placed for adoption have been found or placed in an Edhi cradle or with other agencies.  Babies that are found have a small chance of survival. These babies may be found by Chippa or Edhi, or found by a member of the public who may hand the baby to the nearest charity.  There are a number of women who give birth at the birthing centre at Edhi, Karachi and immediately place the baby with Edhi. This is due to a number of factors, such as ill health, poverty, unwed mothers, not the correct gender.  Generally baby girls are placed for adoption.

Children placed for adoption

Edhi only places new born babies for adoption, the age range from new-born – to 7 days old.  Other adoption agencies may consider older babies. If the charity is unsure of the age/number of days old your examining doctor will determine the approximate age. 


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