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Dealing with Adoption Agencies

Etiquettes of the Edhi Foundation

• No bribes 

Do not offer any gifts or donations when attending the Edhi office.  This is against the regulations and may jeopardise your adoption.  If staff ask for anything advise them that the UK has made this unlawful (be polite and tactful, you could also ignore the request) 

• Listen and obey

Do not challenge the Edhi staff as they could make you wait longer, just listen and leave. Keep smiling and show that you are taking their advice on the matter.

• Show commitment 

Visit the Edhi office at least twice a week, this shows you are keen and excited about any good news that maybe on the horizon 

• Build rapport 

Build rapport with key members of staff within the office. Especially with the person who is writing your particulars in the waiting baby book. On your first visit you will be asked for your preference of gender.  It is at this point that you can start with building rapport and establishing a connection. 


Other considerations

Pakistan is a Muslim country, and some of the etiquettes follow Islamic practices. Please research this area if you are not familiar with these. 


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