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Why adopt from pakistan?

Cultural connection

If you or your spouse or both have your cultural ethnic heritage from Pakistan you may want to further strengthen your link by adopting a child from Pakistan. This continued cultural connection may place the child in good stead as they grow older and ask questions about their country of birth and its background. As future parents to an adopted child you may feel better equipped to provide a more holistic approach to the child’s upbringing.  You may find that having a cultural connection also allows your families to assimilate with your adopted child. 

Fertility issues

One of reasons for choosing to adopt is due to fertility issues. Adoption will not resolve your fertility issues but it will give you the happiness of having a family and all the mummy/daddy feelings.  It will be a step towards building your family 

Expanding a family

It may be that you already have children and want to expand your family.  It is important that you prepare your children for the newcomer.  Some families, in our experience go to adopt from Pakistan for the desire to have a baby girl. Of course some families do have a desire to choose the gender of their baby, but this comes with its own controversies. One would advise couples to reflect on their motivations, and consider what they would do if they were matched with a healthy child that was not their gender choice.


Whilst altruism is the motivation for some couples, the idea that generously offering your home to “someone in need” comes with its own cautions. Indeed in its own right the act of altruism carries noble intentions, however it is worth taking the time to consider the impact on the psychology of a child growing up knowing they were adopted under those motivations. 


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