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Placement Process

What happens once you return to the UK with your child?

After arriving in UK you are required to inform your local council of your arrival (details can be found with the adoption agency) with the following details. This should be done within 30 days of arriving in the UK.

Name of adoptees


Adoption agency details

Adopted child name

Date of return to the UK

Child’s original name and DOB

Contact details for parents

Once this is received by the council a social worker is appointed to your case. The social worker will visit your home. If you had a different social worker previously, he/she will also attend this meeting for handover of notes and information.

The social worker will guide you through the application process. The social worker will carry out visit during the first six months of your arrival in the UK. One will be an unannounced visit. You can only apply for a court order after review reports are completed by social worker. The number of reports may vary for each council.

What costs are involved?

There are no costs to pay at this stage of the process apart from the court fee when you make the application.

What the role of the solicitor is?

You do not need a solicitor at this stage. The social worker will guide you through the process.

Is there a solicitor needed?


What documents do you need?

All original documents related to adoption approval pre placements;

Guardianship order
Birth certificate
Visa approval
Medical forms approved post placement.

What is the Court applications procedure?

Complete adoption A60 form and send it to relevant court as advised by the social worker. Pay the fee and attach any relevant documents. You can send the original and they will be returned to you later. You can make the application once the social worker has completed final review of your family. This takes up to six month after arriving in the UK.

Does the court appoint anyone to assess you?

The social worker prepares a report for the court. No one else is assigned.

What happens when you attend court?

You attend court preliminary hearing where the facts are stated and documents reviewed. The court will decide to go ahead for an order if all checks and documents are satisfactory.

Once application is submitted to the court, they will write to you to assign you a date. This date will also be shared with social worker. If both parties agree to the date, the preliminary hearing goes ahead. Most dates are a month or two after application submission. The social worker will attend all hearings.

What happens after the adoption order is given?

After the order you receive a confirmation of order submission letter. This letter will invite you to pay for a new birth certificate. You can pay a regular or urgent fee.

When do you receive your child’s birth certificate?

6 weeks

Is adoption on the birth certificate?

You will receive an abridged copy of the birth certificate that does not detail the adoption order, and a fuller copy which has details of the adoption order.

When can you apply for a British passport?

Right after receiving the birth certificate.

Other considerations

Do you need to get a red book?

Yes. You will be assigned a health visitor who should be getting a red book for you. Also ask you GP for a red book.

How do you get assigned a health visitor?

The social worker inform the local health visiting team of a new baby in the area that is how you get a health visitor who will bring you a red book.


Your GP should follow the immunisation guidelines and complete records in the red book. Keep record of all immunisation the baby had before arriving in the UK.

If you attend A&E do you still have to say the child has a social worker?

Yes, up until the court order is received. The social worker will close the case after the court order.

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