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Families experience of adopting - A Mother’s Adoption Journey

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 A Mother’s Adoption Journey 

If I had been told 10 years ago that we would be adopting a baby from Pakistan, no one would have been more surprised than me. I truly believe that Allah chose this path for us and we were guided to it through a number of situations that were not in our control. 

My husband and I had often talked about how amazing it would be to adopt a child after seeing some friends go through the Intercountry adoption process and adopt a baby from India. So when my husband asked if I would be interested in looking at the possibility of adoption, my answer was a definite yes.

We began to research the process by contacting our Local Authority. In January 2010 we attended an adoption information evening and the ball started rolling and did not stop, despite hitting many hurdles along the way.  

We had an initial interview with a social worker which was followed by us attending pre-adoption workshops/courses, medicals and CRB checks - the home study then began which entailed many meetings with our social worker, our 9 year old birth daughter was interviewed, she had to complete worksheets and her school had to provide a report on her wellbeing. Personal referees were also interviewed. The home study process was very detailed and at times felt intrusive but it gave both my husband and I the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and each other. 

Finally our home study report was complete and a panel date was set for 8 September 2010. The big day arrived and we were APPROVED!! Our Certificate of Eligibility to adopt a child from Pakistan was issued in November 2010 and sent directly to the orphanage of our choice in Pakistan, Edhi Foundation. 

Due to personal reasons we decided not to travel to Karachi until February 2011.  The trip that changed our lives and blessed our family with the arrival of our baby boy.

Our gorgeous son is the light and soul of our family. People often say “what a lucky boy to have a family like you” but I always say that “we are the lucky ones to have such an amazing son”. We were destined to adopt him and he was destined to be raised by us - it is Allah's will. I hope and pray that we can fulfil the responsibility Allah has given us, and can provide our son with all that he needs emotionally, physically and spiritually.

I always tell my son that although he did not come from my tummy, he most definitely came from my heart and I love him more than words can express.

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