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My experience of adopting

Adoption is a big part of who I am. I have always known I am adopted and for me it means that even though I may not know my biological parents it doesn’t mean that they don’t care or think of me; it just means that they wanted the best for me. 

Adoption makes me feel very special but it does sometimes make me feel that I’m not like everyone else. My friends have the knowledge of knowing their background, who they look like and most importantly they have a history. I am very open about my adoption, which is nice to be able to share with my friends, but there are times when others feel that they can impose their thoughts and discuss adoption without really understanding how I feel. My parents have given me the confidence to be able to tell anyone if I do not want to talk about it or they do not have the knowledge of how I feel. This is important for me to ensure that I am in control of my adoption. 

I feel it is important to be able to educate others about adoption as many have not known anyone that is adopted and therefore have very limited understanding about it. Interestingly though, there are many stories and movies about adoption such as Annie, Tracey Beaker, Despicable Me etc., but it is not shown realistically. 

In my opinion anyone who is adopted should be proud and feel lucky that they are very special and unique. Sometimes I do question why Allah (SWT) chose me to be adopted but I do have my full trust in Allah that he gave me my parents, as that would be better for me. Every day I thank Allah (SWT) for my wonderful parents that he has granted me.


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